Thursday, November 5, 2009

Better late than never

I took a marketing class in business school where I learned that people behave differently when presented with new technologies. According to the Innovation Curve, the population can be divided into five groups: A very few people are innovators – they lead the charge when it comes to change. Then there are the early adopters – they love to try new things. Most people fall into the early majority and late majority categories: These guys aren’t the quickest ones off the blocks, but they’ll dive in if everyone else does too. Finally, there are the laggards – those of us that have a hard time with change altogether.

My father is a classic “early adopter.” He reads Consumers Report like the Bible and loves knowing about the latest and greatest in technology. We were the first ones on the street to own a VCR. (It was the size of a suitcase.) We also enjoyed a very early Apple home computer on which my brother and I spent many happy hours playing Space Invaders and Pong.

Danielle and I freely admit we are not early adopters of technology. Laptops came into our lives only recently. We don’t necessarily embrace change. I am the last person I know to get a DVD player. (I raced out to buy one only when my husband took my children away for the weekend and I had three whole days to myself.)

Although it is late in the game, Danielle and I recently decided that we’d like to have BlackBerrys. It seemed like a good way to make juggling work and family a little easier. And lots of mom entrepreneurs swear by them.
I looked up and realized that I spend a decent amount of time waiting around: Waiting to pick up the kids at school, waiting for the dentist, waiting poolside while the kids are taking swim lessons. I thought that it might make sense to take care of correspondence in these stolen moments, rather than to sit down at my desk at the end of the day to deal with a mountain of work.

I have no intention of sleeping with my BlackBerry under my pillow and I sincerely believe that I’ve got the willpower to fight its addictive qualities.

But it’s red and it’s cute, and even for a laggard like me, I’m happy to accept that it’s in my life.

Now I just have to figure out how to work the darn thing.


  1. Congrats!! No one intends to sleep with it under their pillow... it just happens. My advice:
    - don't sync it with your calendar, bad things happen.
    - Don't EVER play brickbreaker. Ever. You'll regret it!
    - Install FB app, it's great.
    - Don't let it vibrate/ding/jingle each time you get an email. YOu'll become a junkie far too quickly.
    - Buy a memory card for photos/vids. it's so handy!!!
    - Charge it Thursday night. Don't charge it again until Monday. When it dies over the weekend, it's dead. Leave it dead til Sunday night!

    Welcome to the 21st century, girls! Its a great place to be!

  2. Ah!! You're so sweet.

    I will very happily take all your advice. It would have taken me YEARS to acquire this knowledge.

    Thanks for the tips!