Friday, January 15, 2010

Warmth, Delivered

If you're a dedicated Roadie, you may have noticed our 'warmth, delivered' tagline. It is our hope that with every blanket we put in the mail we're sending a little love and comfort and a whole bunch of good wishes on behalf of the gift giver.

This week we're thinking about the hundreds of thousands of victims of the earthquake in Haiti who could use a little warmth delivered just about now. While we can't wrap each one of them in a blanket, we'd like to help where we can. We'll be donating proceeds from orders placed between now and Sunday to Humanitarian Coalition, a group of Canadian NGOs (Oxfam, Care, Save the Children) providing relief in Haiti. So, if you could use a blanket, now is a great time to get your order in.

If you don't need a blanket just now but want to help, visit to donate. (And FYI, the Canadian government is matching all private donations to the relief effort.)

Go on, deliver a little warmth of your own.

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